Cash Advances

Cash Advances We Provide

At 1st Priority Financial, we understand the need for FAST CASH when life's unforeseen problems and circumstanced present themselves. And, in many situations, we can help.

1st Priority Financial, can provide advanced of FAST CASH on:

  • Inheritances/Trust Funds: Advances of ready cash to heirs in need of immediate cash on an inheritance or trust fund that is temporarily tied up in the probate system.
  • Pending Legal Settlements: Immediate cash to meet current needs for plaintiffs in legal actions involving wrongful death, product liability, auto accident, construction or general negligence, other personal injury.

YOU LOSE YOUR CASE...YOU DON'T REPAY: With our Legal Settlement Funding Program, should you lose your case after we provide a cash advance you owe nothing.

  • Personal Luxury Assets: We can provide confidential short term loans on many luxury personal items such as jewelry, watches, artwork, fine wines, precious metals, collectible automobiles, antiques, handbags, precious stones, etc. We provide short-term loans and "pre-auction funding" when you are taking a luxury asset to auction for sale.

Rapid Funding...Fast Cash!

On all Cash Advances, our funding process is rapid and you will usually receive your funds in less than 72 hours. In some "emergency" cases, we have actually been able to advance funds within just one working day.

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One of the best ways to determine if a 1st Priority Financial is right for you is to request a no-obligation, confidential quotation or estimate regarding the amount of cash available to you and the fully disclosed costs associated with your advance.

To receive your confidential quotation, click the "book a consultation" button. We will typically have a quotation and proposal for you within 48 hours after your financial consultation is complete.

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Are you the legal heir to an estate that is tied up in the probate courts? Book a consultation to discuss an Inheritance Advance!

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