Other Consumer Services

Other Consumer Services

Other Services We Provide

At 1st Priority Financial, we are experts in the purchase of promissory notes, contracts and annuities. But we are also engaged in many other services for both consumers and business owners such as:

  • Credit Repair
  • Legal Documentation Preparation for Entreprenuers
  • Credit Cards
  • Business Websites Preparation and Construction
  • Consumer Loan Programs
  • Government Contract Financing
  • Contract Manufacturing and sourcing for Entrepreneurs and Investors (China and Pacific Rim Only)
  • Purchasing Consumer Finance Portfolios (such as auto paper)
  • Purchasing Portfolios on Non-Performing Loans
  • Life Settlement Cash Outs
  • Much More.....

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At 1st Priority Financial, our service areas of operation are constantly expanding as we seek to provide ready cash solutions to more and more of America's entrepreneurs.

If you or your small business is in need of cash from and existing contract or service, or if you are in the initial stages of launching a new business enterprise and are seeking startup services, we can help.

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